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Stapping Machines Birmingham

Stapping Machines Birmingham

Depending on your needs, you may find that different strapping machines work better for you. We can help you find the perfect solution and, where we might not carry exactly what you need, recommend options that might suit you better. Here are the three main categories of strapping machines:

Hand strapping tools: Smaller, portable devices that are designed for those businesses and warehouses operating with less volume. Lightweight and simple to operate, they are used to wrap the strapping around the goods, and the machine tightens, tensions, and seals the strapping in place in one motion. They have adjustable tension strength and can be used for both horizontal and vertical strapping.
Semi-automatic strapping machines: Larger machines, with which an operator manually feeds the desired amount of strapping per parcel into the machine. Once the parcel is inside, and the strapping is fed through, the machine automatically tightens the strapping around the object to the desired tension and cuts it automatically.
Automatic strapping machines: These pieces of equipment are designed for warehouses and packaging facilities that handle a large volume of objects that need strapping. They are stocked with the required strapping material before parcels and objects are placed inside. The machine straps, tensions, and cuts automatically, so you can remove one object and place the next inside.

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At Complete P&C, you can choose from a range of not only strapping machines, but packaging materials, pallets, cases, thermal labels, and much more. We offer high-quality solutions, excellent customer service, and a professional sales team eager to help you solve any query and meet your needs.

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