Heat Sealers Birmin

Heat Sealers Birmingham

Heat Sealers Birmingham

At Complete P&C, we offer a wide range of industry-standard packaging, storage, and transportation equipment and solutions to fit a variety of needs. Amongst our selection, we have a variety of high-quality heat sealers to help you protect your goods, whether in the warehouse or in transit.

Whether you’re looking for heat sealers or other packaging solutions, we are your Birmingham-based expert, ready to help you find precisely the option that your business needs.

Heat Sealers Birmingham
Also known as bag sealers, heat sealers are machines that use high temperatures to seal plastics, polythene, and other materials commonly used in bagging for storage and transit purposes. By offering a high-quality seal that closes off the edges, they protect the items inside from not only damage but contamination, as well. These electronically controlled bag sealers come in a range of varieties, some suited for smaller operations and others built for high-volume industrial use. If you’re uncertain which is right for your business, our sales team can help.

Types of heat sealers
There are many different models of heat sealers available, but they primarily come in three main variations. Here, we’re going to look at the three types, their operation, and which needs they may best suit:

Impulse heat sealers use heating elements covered by Teflon fabric that prevents the packaging material from sticking to them. They use timed impulses of heat from the transformer to create a momentary surge that’s enough to heat and quickly cool the bag.
Constant heat sealers use heated bars that reach a constant temperature as pre-set by the operator. As they are heated during the entire operation, extra safety precautions must be ensured while using them. Due to that consistent heat, however, they can make it easier to seal several bags or packaging materials in a row in a relatively short time.
Band heat sealers, also known as continuous heat sealers, are fully automated, using a moving belt to drive the bag beneath a hot wheel. They’re used for sealing at very high temperatures, mostly for manufacturing operations.

Why choose Complete P&C
Whether you’re in need of heat sealers in Birmingham or you simply want a reliable, convenient provider of packaging goods, machines, and solutions, Complete P&C is the team for you. We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from across multiple industries in the city and surrounding area. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to maintain a reputation for having competitive prices, great customer service, and an expert sales team that understands your needs and knows how to help you find the perfect solution to match them.

We are a leading independent packaging supplier in the Midlands, so you can rest assured you will get the time and respect you deserve as our client.

Ask about our heat sealers today
Whether you already know what you need, or you want some help choosing from our range of heat sealers, get in touch with Complete P&C today. We’re glad to help, so check the site for our opening times and reach out at 0121 788 1406 or sales@completepandc.co.uk.