Pallets Midlands

Pallets Midlands
Pallets Midlands

Where Warehouses Go For Their Pallets In The Midlands

Pallets are an essential part of warehousing, commercial transportation, and large company orders in the business world. When it comes to packaging requirements, pallets can often be overlooked because your most logistics strategies take them for granted. But, in reality, at Complete Packaging and Consumables, we appreciate that your choice of pallets can be detrimental to the growth of your business and meeting your strategic goals. That’s why we have developed our pallets Midlands service to support local companies.
As finding reliable and durable pallets can be tricky in some industry sectors, our service to supply high-quality pallets in the Midlands is designed to empower companies with a choice of materials.
What types of pallets Midlands are available?
We, at Complete Packaging and Consumables, offer a choice of brand new pallets to our business clients: wooden and plastic pallets. We also use and sell old pallets which can be repurposed for transportation needs but also DIY and decor projects. As a rule of thumb, most businesses are used to seeing wood pallets are these make up for over 95% of all pallets used around the world in the transportation and storage sector. However, we appreciate that wood pallets are not always the best option, depending on your requirements. As plastic pallets are lighter don’t require additional treatment against dirt and bacteria – unlike wood –, they are an excellent option for the transportation and storage of sensitive products. Our clients relying on the pallets Midlands service prefer the cost-friendly wood pallets for large shipments and warehousing needs where the stored items are safely packaged.
Measuring the environmental impact of your pallets
With increasing environmental challenges, businesses need to consider how their pallet choices will affect their green strategy. It is essential to understand that the debate about eco-friendly pallets in the Midlands is more than a question of using natural material – aka wood — vs synthetic material – aka plastic. Indeed, while our wood pallets are biodegradable, our clients have to manage pallets with a short lifespan. For large industries, this means buying new wood pallets frequently.
On the other hand, plastic pallets can last for up to 10 years and can carry out up 250 trips, while wood pallets do on average 6 trips. In other words, you can get a lot more use out of plastic pallets. Additionally, the pallets can be melted and reused, which reduces the risk of plastic waste. Ultimately, our pallets Midlands solutions can be a green choice in the right circumstances, whether you pick wood or plastic pallets.
Finding how many pallets you need
Our team of experts is happy to help businesses figure out how many pallets their activities require. Combined with our bespoke packaging solutions, the pallets in the Midlands service can be designed to reduce waste in storage, transportation, and packaging. That’s precisely why we offer a dedicated solution to make the most of your pallet use at a competitive price. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs and understand how our pallets Midlands service can support your business growth.

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