Layer Pads And Dividers

Layer pads and dividers
Layer pads and dividers

In an age of mass production, storing stock is becoming more and more common all the time. Companies are able to get their hands on more goods than ever before, with availability increasing, and the demand for items being higher than ever before. Warehouses are the most common place to handle this sort of job. Of course, though, when you’re piling boxes higher and higher, you’ll need more than just a building to keep everything safe. Layer pads and dividers can be a useful tool when you’re approaching something like this, but what exactly do they do?
What Are Layer Pads and Dividers?

Layer pads have quite an imaginative name. These sheets sit between boxes, providing a layer between the two which will help to limit the changes of damage to the boxes with a lot of weight on top of them. The tops of boxes won’t cave in, and it will be much easier to remove and stack the boxes when you have a layer between them. Dividers go inside the boxes themselves, making compartments for the different things you want to store inside them, while also adding to the box’s original strength.
Layer Pads and Divider Materials

Layer pads and dividers can come in a range of different materials, and they will all have their own qualities and benefits. Cardboard is the most common material you’ll find doing this job. This material can be recycled alongside your boxes, will be nice and affordable, and won’t take up too much space while it is being stored. For those who need something hardier, though, you could consider the idea of plastic layer pads and dividers for your boxes. These will cost more, but will be reusable and will often be more fire resistant than their cardboard counterparts, making them better for environments which can be at risk of a fire.
Our Layer Pads and Dividers

At Complete Packaging & Consumables, we have a huge range of layer pads and dividers. Designed to go with the cardboard boxes we also stock, you will be pleased to find that they perfectly match the sizing of many of the other items we have in stock. Our friendly team is always happy to help people when they’re choosing items like this, and we will do everything we can to perfectly meet your needs. You can get in contact about our layer pads and dividers through our website or by phone, and we’ll be ready to discuss your needs and find the perfect solution for your storage.