Single And Double Wall Stock Cartons

Single and double wall stock cartons
Single and double wall stock cartons

Cardboard boxes are one of the most useful forms of packaging ever to grace the world. Folding down flat, being light and flexible, and being able to hold items far heavier than themselves, it makes sense that so many products come in packaging like this.

Of course, though, single and double wall stock cartons are useful for more than simply moving products. A resource like this can provide you with loads of different uses, and it’s worth thinking about this before you choose something else to do the same job. At Complete Packaging & Consumables, we have a huge range of different boxes for you to choose from, and they’re suitable for loads of different jobs.
The Boxes

We offer two different types of stock cartons; single and double wall. Single wall options are lighter, cheaper, and will take up less space when being stored. This makes them excellent for lighter applications or items which don’t require a huge amount of protection, but still need their own box. We can help you to decide whether or not a single wall box will be enough for your job if you get in contact with our friendly team.

Alongside the single wall options, we also have double wall cartons, and these are a lot stronger than their counterparts. Coming with almost double the material which goes into a single wall carton, these boxes will be strong enough for just about any item, providing reinforcement in the places which are more likely to fall apart under pressure.

The Uses

There are a lot of different ways to use our single and double wall stock cartons, and we’re happy to be able to offer such a versatile product. You can find some information about the different uses for these boxes below.

Moving Home: Moving home can be a challenging process, and a lot of people struggle to get this sort of job done effectively. Our boxes can provide you with everything you need to handle this sort of job easily and without stress, saving you from packing all of your possessions into bags and suitcases.

Home Storage: Finding space for the items you want to keep at home can be a challenge, especially for those who have children. Cardboard stock cartons provide an excellent storage option, saving loads of money on buying furniture, while also making it easier to keep your possessions without taking up the whole house with them.

Shipping Items: Shipping items across the world can be a dangerous game, with postal services being notoriously bad at treating items with care. Our stock cartons can solve this problem for you, giving you a secure way to pack items, whether you’re sending things every day or just need to get rid of items you’ve sold on sites like eBay.

Storing Stock: Running a business can be tricky, and it isn’t always easy to know when you’re going to need the stock you’re keeping. Leaving it exposed to the elements can cause damage to your items, and this will make it harder to sell them, but a cardboard box is all you need to solve a problem like this.