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Stapping Machines Erdington
Strapping Machines Erdington

Does your business deliver large parcels of materials, perhaps pallets of materials or large boxes? If so, it could be that you would benefit from using strapping to hold the parcel securely together. So what is strapping, and would your business benefit for the strapping machines Erdington companies can buy from Complete Packaging & Consumables Ltd?

What is the point of strapping your deliveries?
As the name suggests, strapping is very simply wrapping straps around the parcel or goods. If this is one parcel, then the strapping adds strength to the outer packaging. It can prevent the individual parts on a pallet from falling apart, and reduce the chance of accidental damaging during shipping. Strapping can also be used to join more than one parcel together, so that in a multi-part delivery, the courier does not forget to leave part of the delivery with the customer.
Depending on what is being delivered, the strapping can be made of different materials. The most common material is polypropylene, but strapping is also available in steel and polyester.

Why do businesses use strapping machines?
Some businesses do the strapping by hand, using hand strapping kits. However, an alternative that many businesses use are strapping machines. With strapping machines, Erdington businesses can quickly strap up deliveries. The machines vary depending on the model; some strapping machines Erdington customers use are completely automatic, and will carry out all parts of the strapping process, from wrapping, to tightening and cutting. Other strapping machines Erdington businesses use are semi-automatic and require an operator to wrap the strap around the parcel and feed it into the strapping machines. This is a simple process, but does slightly slow down the overall strapping process.

Hand strapping or strapping machines – which is the best option for your business?
If your business would benefit from strapping, you need to decide whether hand strapping or a strapping machines would be beneficial.
Strapping by hand is the cheapest alternative, as it requires simpler equipment – generally simple strapping tools, a workstation to hold the materials, and the reels of strapping material. This is a cheaper way of introducing strapping to your working process. The downside is that it is more time consuming than a strapping machine, and it is not likely that you will achieve the same level of tension in the straps.
With the strapping machines Erdington companies use, there is the higher equipment cost to get set up. But the benefit is that the quality of the strapping will be better, and the speed will be much quicker. If you will be doing a lot of strapping, it is likely that this is the better option. Although there is the initial outlay on the strapping machines, Erdington customers can make back this money with production time saved.

For the best choice in strapping machines, Erdington businesses can find everything they need at Complete Packaging and Consumables Ltd. For enquiries or to find the right strapping machines for your business, why not contact their help team today?