Packaging Erdington

Packaging Erdington
Packaging Erdington

If you are looking for packing, Erdington businesses will not find a better option than Complete Packaging & Consumables Ltd. They specialise in selling all types of packaging materials that your Erdington business could possibly need, from postal boxes to plastic pallets and everything in between. If you are looking for the best packaging Erdington has to offer, make this your one-stop shop for all your supplies.
We take modern packaging for granted, but it really is a recent phenomenon. If you were to track back through time to see how businesses in Erdington have used packaging, you would see it has changed substantially.
For example, if you were to go back 600 years, you would find that very little packaging was used by Erdington traders. Most trade would have been local, between townspeople, with most sales made at local markets. Few goods were transported long distances, so there was little need for packaging.
In early modern Britain, under the Stuarts and later royal lines, the British Empire started to emerge. This turned Britain into a new imperial power and created early international trade routes for British businesses. Suddenly, even traders in Erdington might have be trading goods that had travelled hundreds of miles or more.
By the 1800s, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. The ability to ship goods was crucial, and with this change came a need for packaging. Wooden crates became a common sight for traders, and people in Erdington would have been quite familiar with this type of packaging. Wooden crates were a way of ensuring that goods could be securely shipped long distances, with minimal chance of theft or accidental damage. Other types of packaging also emerged in this period, including glass jars and metal tins.
With new packaging, advertising developed. Companies began to stamp their names on the packaging, and over time this became a complex part of marketing. Businesses began to use symbols so that people would recognise their brand of goods. The packaging Erdington businesses would have bought became about more than just protecting the goods, but also advertising what was within.
In the modern world, the packaging Erdington companies use needs to fulfil the same roles. It has to protect the goods but also represent the company responsible for shipping the goods, to build a brand reputation. These two purposes make the choice of packaging Erdington companies buy an important decision. Modern companies rely on pallet boxes, bubble wrap and packaging tape to make sure that their parcels look tidy and arrive safely.
In terms of packaging, Erdington businesses can buy the full range of materials they need from one place. The place you need is Complete Packaging & Consumables Ltd. Whatever you need in packaging, Erdington’s own specialist supplier is certain to have the choice you need. Whether you need pallets, boxes, tape, strapping machines or anything else for parcel packaging, Erdington has no better alternative. Why not contact the help team today to discuss your requirements – they are ready to help you.